Slag Goes to Con of Thrones

For the longest time, my stupid brother tried to get me to watch Game of Thrones. I didn’t want to watch it, I had heard that there was too much pornographic violence. And pornographic porn. But somewhere around season 3 I gave in. I was instantly hooked! OK, not instantly. It took me a while to get past the guy screwing his sister and the cute little dire wolf getting executed, but eventually I was hooked! Since then I’ve watched all the episodes, read all the books, brushed up on the history of Westeros and geeked out all over the fandom. I haven’t learned any of the languages though because I’m not that much of a loser. Also because they haven’t put Dothraki on Duolingo.

You can probably imagine how excited I was when I heard about Con of Thrones, the  very first Game of Thrones convention, to be held in Nashville. I planned on going for over a year and dragged one of my bffs along with me. And my husband. And my girl-child. And my girl-child’s bff.


There were panels! I learned all about the costumes on the show and how much detail there is that you never get to see up close. And I found out about a cool podcast called Sistah Speak, I’ll be checking them out soon. One of the ladies dug my and my girl-child’s costumes but she says I can’t let the girl-child listen to the podcast. :/

Oh! We met Ramsey Bolton! Our friend Jackie was supposed to go but she couldn’t, but we worked it out so Ramsey could take a picture with her anyway. See?


We didn’t get a chance to meet Syrio Forel but we did see him walking around the hotel. We didn’t go up to him though cause we were chicken.

The best part of the whole thing, I have to say, were the costumes. I decided to dress up as Arianne Martell, because let’s face it, I’d look pretty silly walking around in a Daenerys wig. She’s a book character that they cut out of the show. Since she’s not on the show I could pretty much make her costume any way I wanted. This is what I came up with:


And since I had the girl-child with me, I dressed her up too. She was Lyanna Mormont. I had her working on her scowl for days.


Before you ask, no, I don’t let her watch the (bad parts of) the show. Just a few scenes with dragons or whatever. I’m waiting until she’s old enough for incest and murdered dire wolves, however old that is.

Please enjoy some more awesome cosplay pictures, and maybe stay tuned for G of T recaps as soon as season 7 starts.


4 Replies to “Slag Goes to Con of Thrones”

  1. “I haven’t learned any of the languages though because I’m not that much of a loser.” — ❤ ! I love all of this. I think you look super cute, too.

    OH, and I got hooked as soon as Jamie pushed Bran out the window because I am a wretched human being.

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