Shag or Gag: Poldark Edition


Aidan Turner (better known as Ross Poldark) seems like a very nice and humble man who doesn’t yearn to be objectified, so I kind of hate to do this to him.    You may have seen Aidan in either The Hobbit or Being Human on BBC, but you definitely have not seen him in  The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (because nobody saw that film).

He is also the subject of Daily Mail articles with titles like “Tall, Poldark, and Handsome”: He is all of these things and more (whatever that means)!

What say you:   Shag or gag?*






5 Replies to “Shag or Gag: Poldark Edition”

  1. Hello Friends

    I think this one is a shag for me. I’ve only ever seen him as a Hobbit but remember thinking he was quite attractive as far as Hobbits go and wondered what he’d look like in human form.

    P.S. It is Janers, some slag already claimed by username so I’m not sure what to go by. Any ideas?


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