this charming man

whilst i know damn well that mozzers probably abhors the shit out of this, i am interested in checking this dramz out. it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun since it will be covering aspects of the manchester music scene in the late 70s in addition to our morrissey. it’s being rated well on imdb to boot! it’s opening next weekend in the uk/ireland with nothing specifically slated for the states as of yet.

in news more relevant to the here and now, some u.s. moz tour dates for later this fall popped up on spotify earlier this week. they have since disappeared – not unlike many a canceled show in his more recent touring years :/ so enjoy this trailer in the meantime and if anyone on the other side of the pond sees this, please share your thoughts!

source: morrissey-solo


2 Replies to “this charming man”

    1. so typical for him these days. there were two dates up there that looked like it might have been fun to meet up for. if anything changes i’ll let you know!


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