Lust for Life

Finding this video made me happy:  there’s a fellow sister out there in the universe who likes Lana Del Rey.   I was one of those rather skeptical sorts when LDR appeared a few years ago.   I took pleasure in her disaster of an SNL performance because I just sort of allowed myself to be spoon-fed by the criticism.

But now I sort of love her.

How did this happen:   a fellow my sister was talking to was a fan of Miley Cyrus’ cover of “Summertime Sadness.”   I laughed, and I balked at listening to freaking Miley Cyrus (a person I just can’t take seriously) covering a song from someone I had already written off as a joke.

“Summertime Sadness” is a good song.

When I was in Greece a few years ago, at a shop in Santorini, the very nice young man behind the counter was singing along to what I found to be some sort of Mazzy Star-inspired song playing on the radio.    My sister asked him whose song he was singing.   “Lana Del Rey,” he said, happily.   “I love her,” he told us.

We smiled politely and felt sorry for him for responding so emotionally to such a weak artist.

That was a mistake, and I really need to stop dismissing people.

Lana is awesome, and I love this record.





2 Replies to “Lust for Life”

  1. “We smiled politely and felt sorry for him for responding so emotionally to such a weak artist.”

    Haha, this made me laugh so hard. About 7 years ago I visited Thailand and realised that the Backstreet Boys were still a thing in South East Asia. A recording of one of their concerts was playing on the bus. A recent one.


  2. Thank you for laughing, dear! 🙂 But OMG: Are you comparing Lana to the Back Street Boys? In this case, Santorini dude was way more evolved than I was. Ha….


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